Why JKC :

The Govt. of Andhra Pradesh initiated Jawahar Knowledge Centres (JKC) in Degree Colleges to help students learn and practice employability skills. These centers aim to provide solution to the problem of unemployment faced by students studying nonprofessional courses in Degree Colleges of AP. The ever increasing prominence of India on the global map has lead to a growing demand for hard working and talented students good with computer skills, communication skills and industry related skills. The doors of global job market are opened to students who can speak fluently, compute quickly, write legibly and analyze logically. The conventional curriculum offered through B.A., B.Com and B.Sc., courses does not impart requisite skills relevant for dynamic job market especially that of emerging industries like Software and BPO. The Department felt the need to offer training to bridge the skill deficit of students and to enable them seize employment opportunities in job market.


  • To impart requisite skills relevant for dynamic job market and to enable students to seize employment opportunities.
  • To provide latest technologies to the students from poor and marginalized sections of the society and to encourage them to compete with their urban counterparts
  • To enable the students climb the ladder of success by providing world class infrastructure and experienced faculty
  • To help students realize their potential and aim high in life and to motivate students to be creative, independent and self reliant
  • To provide SC and ST students with adequate knowledge and employability skills
  • To ensure empowerment of girl students by providing job skills
  • To conduct Job Fairs & Campus Recruitment drives and to facilitate the placement of students trained in JKCs.


Students trained & Placed
Year Batch I Batch II Batch III Special Batch Total No. of Students Placed
2009-10 35 20 - - 55 22
2010-11 36 30 28 30(STP) 124 5
2011-12 35 53 - - 88 30
2012-13 50 38 - - 88 10
2013-14 50 30 12 - 92 5
2014-15 40 50 28 11(Tally) 129 14
2015-16 35 30 36 48(TISS) 149 -
2016-17 30 45 11 - 86 24


It is an employability skill development programme, designed by Tata Institute of social sciences, Mumbai. The main aim of this program is to train the students in employability skills which will help them in their job search. The experts team from TISS recognized 7 skills, which must be possessed by every job seeker. As a part of MOU between TISS and Govt. of AP, APUSESD (Andhra Pradesh University students Employble skills development) Program is implementing in 100 GDC’s from 2016-17 academic year. It is a 3 years dual degree Program. First year program is a certificate course, during this course 7 modules will be taught to the students by 7 lecturers of the college, who were trained by Tiss. Students performance will be assessed by the TISS team. During the second and third year programme student will have to choose one domain.

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