Vision & Mission


To impart need based higher degree of quality of education to all sections of the society to meet the demands in the globalization scenario.

Students are trained and taught on the traditional values of ethics and to make over-all development to face any type of challenges for the larger interest of the nation and humanity.

The vision is to train, develop and encourage students, to explore the world and create an environment that fosters a love for learning to inculcate moral values, to provide job oriented environment and training.


To train all the students in self-discipline, self-confidence, self-sufficiency and awareness of social responsibilities through curriculum, extension by sciences and healthy and best practices.

The mission is to transfer the potentiality into reality by offering various types of learning techniques. All the programme options are career oriented and in demand.

The overall curriculum program provides qualitative higher education various personal, practical and creative skills are taught through curricular co curricular and extra curricular activities, seminars and group discussions.

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Sri Velagapudi Rama Krishna Government Degree College(Men),
Chagallu Road, Near FCI Godowns,
Nidadavolu, West Godavari Dist.,
Andhra Pradesh - 534 301.

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